Chronic Care Management

Chronic Care Management requires frequent evaluation of the patient. Often the mobility of the patient is the biggest challenge in obtaining treatment.

  •  75% of the annual healthcare expense.
  •  70% of deaths are associated with chronic disease.

Kansas man dies to malpractice, improper medication distribution, lack of patient blood monitoring, and unrecorded documentation of drug administration.

“When rushed to the ER, my granddad, received urgent care for his symptoms, the hospital did not have the medication prescription history of Methotrexate. The hospital was treating his symptoms and not being aware of the Methotrexate Toxicity Poisoning. This ultimately led to his death, he was being treated for a rash.” 

Jared R. Dyche | CEO

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Billing & Coding

  • Keep your existing software 
  • Work off your software
  • 98% claims accuracy
  • 97% collection rate
  • 90% 1st claims pass rate
  • 70% reduced operational costs
  • As low as 3% claims denial rate
  • Real-time audits
  • Custom reports
  • Dedicated account manger


  • Free software
  • No implementation cost
  • Scheduling, billing included
  • Fully customizable
  • PCI payment compliant
  • Real-time audits
  • Custom reports
  • Remote patient monitoring kit
  • MTM 2 software available
  • Dedicated account manager

Population Crisis

  • 10,000 people turn 65 years old daily.
  • Two- or three-times service needed.
  • 52,000 physician’s shortage by 2025.
  • 30% increase in patient wait times
  • 24 days to schedule an appointment.
  • Non-critical care patients are flooding ER.
  • Critical care patient time is limited.
  • Waiting-rooms are overflowing spreading bacteria to others.

Population Solution

  • Telemedicine increases services.
  • Expand services beyond your facility.
  • Reduce provider shortages areas.
  • Telemedicine saves lives.
  • Chronic disease(s) management.
  • Remote patient monitoring devices.
  • Eliminate re-accruing hospitalization
  • MTM-2 Software available
    (Medication Therapy Management)
  • Telemedicine improves quality and privacy of seeking mental illnesses.
  • Specialties, particularly in mental health and ICU care, telemedicine delivers a superior product, with greater outcomes and satisfaction.

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